Friday, February 7, 2014

15lbs in three weeks...pretty good id say!

Well i have finished 3 weeks on Nutrisystem and my weightloss so far is now 15lbs even! 
 first week on fast five was 10lbs lost second week first week of regular plan 2lbs lost 
3rd week second week of regular plan 3lbs lost..... 
Nutrisystem says that a loss of 1-2 lbs is perfect and even though i am "bigger" and could lose more weight a week in the beginning months i havent been that physically active at all ... seriously!

 I try to get in pilates everyday but its only 30 mins and with it being cold its wicked hard to get moving! 
 I really think that Nutrisystem is going to work for me i know ive said it but this is proof to me! that im not starving and eating allllll freak'n day ... sounds fun right? it is seriously hard to eat this much andi am getting used to it BUT im losing! so its working lol 
 There are times that if you are stuck in a bind you can eat off plan! 
Nutrisystem has a eating out guide and gives you examples for what you can eat instead of the NS entreess for breakfast lunch & dinner at fast food places and resturaunts!

So here's.a couple things I ate last week 
I am now pretty knowledgable of the plan so I can move things around like above pictures is two Pf's (power fuels proteins) like turkey pepperoni and string cheese and then a cup of blueberries for my smart carb SC

For the superbowl last Sunday my family had pizza so I added a sc and pf ham and pineapple to the nutrisystem pizza to make it Hawaiian pizza! 

The mushroom stuffed chicken breast is ahhhhazing! 
So is the turkey medallions and mashed potatoes! 

Also with being comfortable on nutrisystem I knew that on Super Bowl Sunday I would want a big dessert so I saved a sc the strawberries and added it to the pound cake NS dessert and used whip cream as a extra!!!!

Pretty good week!!! I'll check back on my full fourth week done a whole month!! I can't believe it!!! 
Take care and make sure to email me if you want to join nutrisystem because I can give you $30 off coupon on your first order