Friday, January 17, 2014

Nutrisystem day 2

So im only going to update a couple more times on my "daily food intake".. i guess you can call it?
 i get my whole shipment of food tomorrow and ill post about that! im so excited lol serioulsy! after i think ill update once a week with a weightloss because im only going to weigh myself once a week! i get supper scale obsessed and i used to go on the scale like 50 times a day! rediculous i know! 

 This morning i didnt eat much because i had no time really so i grabbed a quick apple strudel bar it was really delicious and kept me full! im actually not a "bar" person i could care less about them and i purposely didnt order many with my monthly plan because i knew i wouldnt eat them... but i wasnt hungry this morning really rushing around and i had to eat something! 

 a couple hours later i had the creamy chocolate shake which i really love 

 For lunch i had the rice and beans with turkey sausage and i added in some mixed veggies! it was so good a spicy kick to it! i really enjoyed it.. i dont think i was suppose to have corn this week but what can ya do.. i didnt eat that much corn! I could have had another shake after lunch and before dinner but i had a meeting for the kids so i couldnt but its ok i was full.. and when i keep busy i dont feel hungry that much! 

For dinner i had the chicken pot pie with a cup of mixed veggies i added to eat.. 

this time these didnt have corn lol the chicken pot pie was awesome.. the crust that comes with it is a lot smaller but its just enough.. the pot pie filling was sooooo good.. when i added my veggies to tasted perfect! Also what i failed to mention yesterday in my post was water.. i love water anyways and drink it all the time i barely drink tonic and never drink juice. With Nutrisystem you can have a free app and everything you put on the app automatically goes to your website profile which is pretty cool... and theres a water tracker too.. and you just touch the glasses that you drink. obviously you are supposed to have 8 cups of water a day anyways and for someone that drinks water botthles which would be two glasses.. i drink about 8 anyways so im trying to drink even more!

I know it's only day 2 but I'm loving this! I can't wait for the 7 days to be up to try all the desserts and snacks:) 

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