Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New year! 2014 Nutrisystem?!

Things are.... Crazy as usual! Five kids is so much work full time yeesh 

So what does 2014 mean for me? Well my typical resolutions are lose weight lose weight and ummmmm lose more weight?  
So you guessed it! I plan to lose weight! The only thing this year that's different then any other is that I have to lose weight! As many of you know I have lupus and being overweight does not help me at all! And anther thing is that I'm  only 4"10 I'm so short and I'm not really big boned at all....I should weigh around 90-100 lbs well I am so far from that!!!! 

Ideally for me my perfect weight would be 130 it's what I weighed before my first son and I haven't been that in almost 8 years .... So what will I do? I'm thinking about nutrisystem! Have any of you done this or tried it? Any success stories? I would love to hear from you! I've never done Nutrisystem ,Jenny Craig or anything along the lines of meals already prepared but for me nutrisystem is better then Jenny Craig because I don't want to go anywhere hahah I rather do this alone and I can't go anywhere anyways with all these kids! 

So that's it! been so busy have new hair again lol! Duh 
No makeup on don't judge lol I love this color! Not the best lighting but it's like a ruby red magenta? Idk lol we will see how long it lasts! 

Would you be interested on keeping up with the whole nutrisystem thing? I really feel like blogging about it would help me keep on track! I haven't ordered it yet! Trying to research the best "plans" any advice I would greatly appreciate! 
Thanks loves 

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  1. Love the hair! I'd be interested in seeing how the NutriSystem works. Have you tried MyFitnessPal? The only hard part is remembering to enter everything, lol! And then getting lazy about it.