Monday, January 20, 2014

I cheated!

Thats right.... If you have been following me the past couple days you know that I've been on Nutrisystem well I've been on for five days now and I cheated this morning..... 

I promised myself I would only go on the scale once a week and I shouldn't weigh in for another two days but I did... I stepped on it! I cheated and I don't care I lost 6lbs in five days! Not even five days because I just woke up so four and a half days! Yea I know most of its water weight! BUT I don't really care !
I'm happy 6 pounds is off my body whoooohooooo
If you would like to join me on nutrisystem send me a email to or sign up for the nutrisystem website for free!!! Also I can get you $30 off your order!
The amount of support in there is awesome you can do everything for free blog on the site ,chat room,boards read amazing success stories! It's so motivational! 
I am not sponsored by nutrisystem I'm just a normal person who for the past five days has enjoyed the program and freakn love it!!! 
I will come back and let you all know what I lost in two days and then I will do a before picture wahhhh and hopefully soon to come I will have a skninny after picture lol 
I'll probably check in once or twice a week especially when I do the regular plan which I'll be off the fast five in two days can't wait to eat the regular plan!!! Compared to what I'm doing which is still great it won't even look like a diet with everything I have to eat!! I have to eat dessert every night on the regular plan I legit HAVE to! What kind of diet is that right?!


  1. Great job! I've seen all the pics and all those meals look amazing :) I read the previous post and you mentioned a diner. Do you own one?

    I'd love to try this when I can afford it. LOL. Keep it up girl. I'm on a diet too and so far I've lost 30 lbs out of the 70 (OMG, I know) I've gained over the last few years. It's a diet I've had for many years but had not wanted to do it even though it's not hard at all.

    1. Yanny it is ver affordable you can get discounts with your health insurance and all u have to do is tell NS and they take money off u don't have to give any more info then the name of ur insurance! That and I could get you $30 off your first order! I spend less money on food now on NS for just myself then I did before!
      And yes my husband owns a diner:)