Thursday, January 23, 2014

holy crap!! I lost 10 pounds in one week!

I know that this is confusing for some especially to who have never been on Nutrisystem of course..and i get that so if you are not interested you dont have to read and if you are interested and dont mind the confusion or want to know more then keep reading! 

 So if you have seen the comercials for NS then you know they are offering a fast five program... 7 days but guaranteed to lose 5 pounds .. so five pounds in one week is fast obviously! therefore fastfive anyways i lost 10lbs as of yesterday and im pretty freak'n excited about it... ok? ok!!! lol today was my first day on the regular plan more calories which is more food and dessert.. and i have to eat all of it.. you would think there would be no problem with that ...but from a 1000 calorie diet for the past 7 days im not used to it and i had to eat so much food i swear .. see for yourself! 

 for breakfast i had the granola cereal but i put it on top of vanilla yogurt instead! it was so good! Very filling!

 then i need to have a SC(smart carb) and a pf (power fuel) for after breakfast between lunch snack so i had a string cheese and some red grapes! at this point i was already feeling so full because i was eating more already then i would on the fast five! 

 for lunch i had the chicken and cheese quesadilla with yes sour cream a whole spoonfull and some mixed veggies on the side 

 for in between lunch and dinner snack i had two pieces of turkey and a orange

 for dinner i had the raveoli and meat sauce with a artichoke that i yes dipped in light mayo 

i also had to have another sc and pf so i had carrots and hummus 

 then dessert was the stuffed apple pie with yes thats whip cream.. i forgot to take a picture of it before i ate it lol as you can see i ate so much today i got up early to space it out and it was still so much but you have to eat everything you cant leave anything behind and as im typing this i forgot my pf for dinner so im going to eat a spoon of penut butter because i really cant take anymore food for tonight lol its seriously crazy how Nutrisystem works and im still at my calorie goal! i would eat wayyyyy less then this but triple the amount in calories at mcdonalds or from our diner anytime before last week.. insane right? all this food for the same amount of calories as a #3 at mcdonalds!!!! well i will update you in six more days how much i lost take care everyone and if you are interested in joining me on the journey please feel free to email me at and i can also give you a coupon for $30 off you first order! bye everyone thanks for reading!

P.s I am on day three now and loving it this is posted late:)

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  1. Well I knew you'd do great!! It's really cool to see what you're eating though!! Since I'm eating more than you, I"m curious how it goes!