Saturday, January 18, 2014

day 3 and my shipment came in!

yay im so excited to have all of my food!

 this is just a picture of my "dry foods" and my other cat of course lol we have four cats so theres always going to be one of them photo bombing me:) the other box is all frozen foods and i didnt have time to take a picture of it because hubby put it in the walk in freezer at the diner for me. which is in my driveway but its snowing right now so maybe ill update a picture of it later lol im feeling awesome! seriously! day three and this just feels right i cant even believe it! like whats the catch? On the fast five you dont get desserts yet but it seriously has not mattered to me at all i am not hungry or starving to death like i thought i would be! I know that Nutrisystem is going to work for me I dont care how early on in the program I am! I just KNOW its going to work! Im not getting sponsored or paid for this Its just what I think.. the food is awesome its easy and i feel different in just 3 days! so on to the food i had today!

 Breakfast was the banana nut muffin ummmm DELICIOUS! 

 had my shake between breakfast and lunch of course 

 Lunch was the chicken noodle soup which tasted like regular chicken noodle soup lol im a huge soup eater its what i eat maybe 4 to 5 days a week for lunch from the diner because we offer a soup of the day! i added mixed vegies into the soup because you have to add vegies to every meal! it tasted exactly the same probably better actually! 

 then i had another shake but it was not necessary i was full from lunch

 and dinner was my favorite tonight omg! I had the Tuna casserol! omg it was so good seriously i need to order more! i added a whole zuchini 
 today was perfect and i cant wait to weigh myself to see the loss i know i will have when my 7 days is up!

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