Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hello frans;) today I have a post on my recent hair changes! 
I've been dying my hair for as long as I can remember! And have been pretty much every color under the sun! 
I love hair! I love doing my hair ..friends hair.. my kids hair lol it's always been my thing! 
I went to cosmetology school and my mom is a hairdresser and was always pretty cool about what I did with my hair... I love being able to express myself this way! It's hair! it grows back! and if you know what your doing you can keep it in good shape! 
My natural hair is a dirty blonde but I was born a toe head! It got darker around late middle school early highschool and the only time I've been super natural as a dirty blonde was when I was pregnant with Parker! 

This was about three months ago^ I was going for a unicorn my little pony look lol

Last month my hair was this ⬇️

And now it's currently this⬇️

I've been feeling the purple but I'm going red when this fades! Purple is very different for me! But it's good for fall the pink was clashing with a lot of my fall attire lol I will always be a blonde though I think it makes me "more" me because that's what I've always been for the majority of my life! Here's some pictures of my hair over the years lol! ⬇️

Faded red copper ish I likes this one!⬆️

Yes that's my real hair⬆️ not a wig lol it was blow dried and not straightened yet! And also almost to my butt ! I hate this picture and at the time I hated that color! But now I really like it and will probably do that again a tiny deeper though! 

This red was pretty! very dark though⬆️

This was a golden brown⬆️ it has a filter on the picture but it's the only one I have of this color! And about 4 years ago 
This is a dark chestnut brown⬆️ and I did like this when I was tan and not a pasty ghost like usual lol
Blonde with some brown underneath⬆️ 

More golden blonde ⬆️

And this right here with Wes my now 6 year old then 4!! ⬆️was a month after Parker was born  on Xmas eve and this is basically my natural hair color! And it's the color hair my kids have (dirty blonde or golden blonde) 
I have more pictures but I think it's safe to say I've been mostly blonde! I'm fair skinned and I have green eyes I just think it fits me best! But I like red hair because I have a lot of freckles!

I've used boxed dyes from cvs and rite aid and all that to hair salons!  and I do it myself now from products from Sally's and cosmoprof ..I enjoy doing my own hair more than going to a salon it's annoying and I always feel like I'm walking on eggshells trusting somone with my locks lol 

My hair has been through hell and back though let me tell you! I've had it fall out from over bleaching and experimenting and I have really crazy coarse thick hair too it's quite obnoxious actually but I use some good products now and I'm not in highschool anymore so I've been taken care of it lol and it's been treating me good id say! 
Like I've said before with my body image I'm embracing it! I'm not going to get a new body right now and I'm not going to get new hair ! That's what I'm going to work with lol

What colors have you tried and what's your favorite hair color on you? Are you into the bright or bold hair color trends right now? Let me know in the comments:) and make sure to follow me on Instagram @Thatssofresh to get quicker updates on me, nails and life 
Take care 


  1. WOW you have had some wicked hair colors. You look fab in all the pics though hun. x

  2. just found your blog and i immediately bookmarked it!

    would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice on my blog!

    have a wonderful day, gorgeous x

  3. The pic with blonde and pink in the car is my fave. You look stunning. Love the hair colors.

  4. Love your style. Wish I had the guts to be drastic with my hair.

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