Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stretched ears and how I take care of them

Hey y'all! So over the past couple years of blogging I have received comments and questions on my plugs... I know I mentioned like years ago.. Maybe in a tag somewhere about when I started stretching and what size my lobes were so let's just get some info out on my lobes and then I'll explain how I take care of them!!

I started stretching my ears in middle school 8th grade to be exact! Not sure how old I was but I'm 27 now so it's been a while haha! 
The reason I started was because this neighborhood kid stretched his  his nick name was "moose" !
 I just fell in love with the whole look of it! No one I knew at that point even knew what that was about and it was just so different I had to do it! I remember the day so well ..I saw moose walking and he had batteries in his ears! And I just thought holy crap gross but so cool! I asked him how and the rest was history! Hahaha 

I've literally went through hell with my ears though over the years and thankfully now I'm a bit more mature when it comes to body modifications... Like serious hell I'm not joking! I've had my ears stitched up twice actually! and it was for emergency situations! like one time... In highschool at the fireworks I put a glow stick in my lobe and the glow stick from being cracked leaked and got into my stretched hole and just like blew up to this huge golf ball sized lobe! I went to the ER and they drained it and stitched it up! Then it healed I re-stretched and a whole other thing happened and they got stitched up again then I re-stretched and now I'm here hahah thankfully I've learned my lesson and I'm grateful i even have lobes to this day!!

So moving on... I know stretching ears is not everyone's cup of tea but it's my huge cup of tea and if u don't like it then this is pointless to you so why are u reading? You weirdo! 

On that note not only have I had infections and stitches and been in pain for weeks with them... I've had to indure most of my life ..looks, glares and stupid questions or rude comments. It's part of the territory when you do something out of the norm.. And especially years ago when not that many people had even multiple ear piercings Nevermind huge ear holes... 
So in highschool I moved and went to a really small town in the middle of no where!!! My highschool had 400 kids and I definitely had a different style then everyone so it seemed! Until at the nurses office I met a boy who also had stretched ears and he was quite popular and I really think he's the reason I became friends with everyone so fast and fit in! My ears were bigger and he asked me questions and all that and told me that he never seen a girl with them before and until that day he was the only one at school with plugs... 
So yea I started stretching in a school with only one other kid in my big school (moose) and we were the only two then I go to a small school and there's only one other person with plugs at my new school!!! I thought I was in for it! I felt so out of place! I'm not what you typically think like the stereotype of someone with stretched ears is... I'm very blonde and I'm actually sweet haha I don't judge people but back then the stereotype for body mods like piercings was either a punk or goth and I was a sweet hippie haha at that time! 
Anyways moving there.. I thought was the worst thing until I met that boy at the nurses office and I'm still friends with him now he became one of my best friends! I was accepted by everyone (well mostly) and I wasnt a weirdo or made fun of which I thought I would have been! 

So that's pretty much my background with my lobes and why i did it and yes it did hurt and yes I do love them and I do not regret them one bit and I don't know how ill look when I'm 80 but I really don't think I'll be worried about my ear lobes at 80 years old...just a guess 
I'm really not a ear stretching natzi... If you call them gauges I'm not going to flip out about're wrong but I know what you mean when you ask and say gauges. 

I never correct people and say "not gauges they are plugs" blah blah it's never been my thing I just either answer the questions or say thanks if it's a compliment or just walk away if it's rude.
Sure it gets really annoying but now at 27 years's been a long time that I've had them so I'm pretty used to it all..

 People putting their fingers in my ears I do not like at all!! Complete strangers! Yea it's happened and they are lucky they still have fingers because seriously it's the worst thing ever!  

My plugs are apart of me just like how if you have regular pierced ears and they are apart of you. I've had them for so long I don't know myself seriously without them! 

So after all that.. this is how I take care of them and what has worked for me!

Massaging- people use all types of fancy oils and lobe lubes but for me what I feel has worked the best is coconut oil! It's very important to massage your lobes and get the circulation going so they can stay plump and pretty and not thin and crusty!

Clean- I clean my lobes in the shower! I take the plugs out wash my hair with shampoo and rub my ears then clean the earrings with shampoo rinse them all off and put them on my sink... After I jump out of the shower I towel dry them and put coconut oil on them massage and pop my earrings back in... Then at night time I massage them again and do it for like five minutes it's really easy and that's pretty much it lol if you clean your earrings and ears and massage them you will most likely NOT have ear cheese! I don't remember the last time I had it honestly! Years ago when I didn't take care of them well probably! 

Jewelry- for me I cannot wear stainless steel plugs something about it just makes my ears upset! The same with the ear skins! My lobes are wider than most and the ear skins are not wide enough.. Well the ones I came across so far! I usually stick with acrylic plugs the white pair pictured are my favorite they are from Spencer gifts and they are just white solid acrylic not to heavy and not to light! 
Just find what works best with you! Wood, stone. Plastic , acrylic , stainless steel , glass and so on...

Weather- ok this is crucial for me because I live in New England and we have crazy weather! Winter is horrible for people with largely stretched ears because frost bite!!! Yes it's has happened and I've come really close! Many of you know that we own a resturaunt and I was wearing stainless steel tunnels and walked into our walk in freezer and had been in there for a while and my lobes hurt so bad!!!! They were turning dark red purple and it was a nightmare! It's very delicate skin so be careful! Especially wearing a material earing like that ..that can get cold and stay cold is mostly the reason why I don't wear them! 

This post was longer than I thought lol so I hope that helps and any questions feel free to leave them:)
Take care 

*my ears are stretched to a inch and 3/8 for anyone wondering:) 

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  1. That is some big ass stretchers. I love them!!