Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Oh camo how I love you! 

 These leggings are Ahhhmazing! The faux leather or pleather cutouts are not awkward or tight as I thought they would be... they are from Rainbow which I've never shopped from until last week! The camo pattern is regular legging material and as much as I love camo I haven't bought any plain camo leggings or pants yet and they are everywhere!! I love how the leather makes these pants. It gives them enough umph! Don't you think? Best part?! $8!!!!! Rainbowshops is a lot like forever21 or deb I think! Not the highest of quality but not cheap for the cheap price! Shopping at those stores always make you feel like you have saved haha don't they?

Remember those camo nails I did?! Definitely going to recreate them with maybe some black matte or leather black polish! Maybe some scotch tape triangles? OooOoO yes I think so! 

The tips is from debs just a solid black long tnshirt with a studded pocket and my bag is from dots I'm obsessed with this bag!


  1. Camo is by far the coolest look at the min and it really suits you. You look FAB. x

  2. No girlfriend has some trousers like these. They are pretty cool