Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adult onesies yay or nay?

Ok..... I have been wearing the "adult onesies" or what I like to call footie pajamas FOREVER not saying I brought the trend back but I posted a picture of me wearing some on myspace lol in highschool!! I would buy them in the little kids section in there largest size and mostly in the jcpenny plus little girls section lol I have a few and I love them! I know that there is a huge hate for these things but I swear if you tried them you would love them!!!

The only "hate" I have for them is the ones with feet... Which are the cutest! But for bed time in the winter when you are nice and warm and falling asleep.... I always have to take them off!! The fabric on the legs get tight! your feet and toes scrunch up and they are seriously almost impossible to sleep in!
 I really don't know how my kids do it lol then again my kids fall asleep in their food at the dinner table lol and in the car with their heads almost in their laps... So I guess I can understand lol .
Anyways now that I am a mother and have had the joy of my body being shaped and proportioned differently I can't fit in little kid pjs anymore! I have fat in places that just don't fit the normal 14 yr old girl clothes! so I was lucky enough to find a couple footie pjs at target over the years in the woman's section or the juniors! 
I have ones from jcpenny, target and online stores . But they all have feet... I still love them but now I've found a new love!!!
As you can see from my previous posts lately I've been shopping at plus size stores because well... Duh I'm plus size! 

DEB shops is a favorite of mine their clothes are trendy and affordable very similar to forever 21 in my opinion!
So I shop at Deb in store and online and of course follow on Instagram where I saw a post of these adult onsies! Almost all of the comments were asking if they came in plus size which unfortunately they do not but why I liked these so much is they don't have footies on them or feet attached! So I figured if I could get them in the largest size the leg part being able to bunch up could make up for it?! Lol that was my theory lol my mind is crazy and im not sure if the theory is correct but they fit! And I'm sure if they had feet attached they wouldn't!                    

I bought both pairs and ordered online because they are only available online they were originally $26.90 but I used the DEBVIP code! It's still works for 20% off every item! And I bought some other things to take advantage of the free shipping of $50 or more. 

So for me adult onsies or footie pajamas are a yay! And can we talk about the ears? omg so cute I love the hoods and this fabric is super soft! 
The only thing to make these better? Pockets!!! I wish these had pockets! 
I have a pair of bunny ones that have pockets and I really love them! 

Let me know if you yay or nay them and what kinds you have and where you got them! Make sure to follow me on Instagram "thatssofresh" 


  1. You might like the unfooted adult onesies at too

  2. YAY YAY YAY I say. I have a adult Hello Kitty onesie and i love it. My son thinks I look like a giant Pig But hay ho :-)

  3. Looks great. I want to invest in one but not sure if i will look silly on not haha