Friday, March 11, 2011

CLOSED! Bring Spring in with WowSoCool!!! Contest

Bring Spring in with WowSoCool- Konad

As many of you know SPRING is almost here! phewww right? this was a really tough winter here in New England and many of us are anxious to bring in spring and QUICKLY!
SO that means CONTEST! I want to see some spring themed manicures!
this can be free hand or any kind of stamping.. stickers and jewels are welcome!
mani's can also be spring Holiday themed. example (Easter)
*please do not use the all over nail appliques/foils

AND THE PRIZE OF COURSE???? WowSoCool will be giving out a $50 gift certificate to redeem at their website for Konad products. when the winner is picked, they will send the gift certificate code to you via email!!!


*Must be a follower to this blog to enter
please get permission from your parents if under the age of 18

TO ENTER:Please Send pictures of your Spring themed manicure to
three pictures max! include some info with pictures. example color information.. plates you used if any:)

Additional entries ..BUT NOT MANDATORY

*Tweet about this contest- 1pt

*Follow me on twitter-1pt
you can follow me from clicking my twitter link on the right of my page

Make an ACTUAL blog post about this contest-3pts
you are allowed to use my spring themed manicure picture if you would like

Tell me what your favorite spring nail polish is-1pt

Post your spring themed pictures on your blog linking my contest-2pts
i understand that you might do that later.. just write another comment below stating that you also posted your manicure on your own blog and leave that link and i will add your points together. I will be carefully reading my comments.

the blog post about my contest(for 3pts) and your post showing your entry(for 2pts) are two different and should be SEPERATE entries please do not add them together in one post that will not count as 5 pts.

YOU MUST list in the comments below that you entered your pictures to my email so i can make sure I recieved them
and if you have tweeted/made a blogpost please leave the links showing so.

This contest will end April 1st:) 2011 so three weeks:) good luck and cant wait to see what you come up with:) this contest is open to everyone everywhere.. USA & Canada orders over $20 will be free shipping if you are outside of the USA & Canada you will have to pay shipping

Want to know about my spring themed manicure?
base coat is opi alpine snow blue sponging is opi no room for the blues
I used yellow red white purple pink and green konad special polish
and plates m79 BM01 BPm1 BPm05! more questions about that? maybe ill make a seperate post:)


  1. Very nice contest!
    I'll be participating soon!
    Thank you.

  2. I'm having a though about participating :) maybe i'll do if I have time!

  3. Heres my entry for you hunny! x

  4. opps forgot to add link >


  5. here's my entry! :D

  6. i emailed my pics to you a while back but completely forgot to comment! but i did :D

  7. i also blogged about your giveaway here:

  8. I sent you my entry, here's a link to the blog post
    Thanks! :)

  9. I emailed you my entry & this is the post <33