Saturday, March 29, 2014

30 pounds lost in 10 weeks

Well that's right I'm down 30 pounds! I hit a plateau for a couple weeks I kept gaining and losing the same couple pounds that was frustrating but I feel good about breaking the plateau I also just starting jogging and my goal is to be running by June I'm wogging actually walking and then jogging but it's been going good can't complain I'm eating food and having desserts so complaining would be stupid! 
Tonight I used the veggetti! It's a as seen on tv kitchen gadget that makes noodles out of veggies! So cool 

Made ground turkey and mushrooms in a organic no salt added speghetti sauce so this was like no calories basically haha 

If any of you want to join nutrisystem I can give you a $30 off coupon to use on your first order just email me:)

Friday, February 28, 2014

quick update

Have had a lot going on lately ... im emotionally drained and i feel like im getting the winter blues or something.. I just finished my 6th week on Nutrisystem and I am down 21 lbs im pretty happy about it but i know that I could be losing more if i was working out more which im not .. and i beat myself up about it all the time... over 20lbs in a month and a half is fantastic and i need to keep reminding myself that its just fine.. but i dont know lol this weather here in New England has been wicked crazy and just in typical New England fashion it cant make up its mind! As soon as the weather gets warmer and stays warmer and the snow melts i will be way more active then i am.. hopefully i start running soon!! well thats pretty much it for now.. just wanted to let you guys know that im still doing Nutrisystem and its really a breeze for me.. im eating all the time and never hungry and i do plan on losing a large amount of weight with it so i should be on it for a while! i plan on posting pictures of my weightloss here and there.. im just trying to think of how to do it.. theres a couple girls on the nutrisystem blogs that wear the same shirt every couple of months and take pictures... i was thinking of doing that same thing.. we will see though!!! i took measurements in the beginning too and thats the only thing i havent checked again.. but i think only measuring like once a month or even every two months is fine because its so hard to get the same exact measurement spot ok i will be back with another update soon! take care! and if interested email me about nutrisystem i can give you a 30 dollars off coupon

Friday, February 7, 2014

15lbs in three weeks...pretty good id say!

Well i have finished 3 weeks on Nutrisystem and my weightloss so far is now 15lbs even! 
 first week on fast five was 10lbs lost second week first week of regular plan 2lbs lost 
3rd week second week of regular plan 3lbs lost..... 
Nutrisystem says that a loss of 1-2 lbs is perfect and even though i am "bigger" and could lose more weight a week in the beginning months i havent been that physically active at all ... seriously!

 I try to get in pilates everyday but its only 30 mins and with it being cold its wicked hard to get moving! 
 I really think that Nutrisystem is going to work for me i know ive said it but this is proof to me! that im not starving and eating allllll freak'n day ... sounds fun right? it is seriously hard to eat this much andi am getting used to it BUT im losing! so its working lol 
 There are times that if you are stuck in a bind you can eat off plan! 
Nutrisystem has a eating out guide and gives you examples for what you can eat instead of the NS entreess for breakfast lunch & dinner at fast food places and resturaunts!

So here's.a couple things I ate last week 
I am now pretty knowledgable of the plan so I can move things around like above pictures is two Pf's (power fuels proteins) like turkey pepperoni and string cheese and then a cup of blueberries for my smart carb SC

For the superbowl last Sunday my family had pizza so I added a sc and pf ham and pineapple to the nutrisystem pizza to make it Hawaiian pizza! 

The mushroom stuffed chicken breast is ahhhhazing! 
So is the turkey medallions and mashed potatoes! 

Also with being comfortable on nutrisystem I knew that on Super Bowl Sunday I would want a big dessert so I saved a sc the strawberries and added it to the pound cake NS dessert and used whip cream as a extra!!!!

Pretty good week!!! I'll check back on my full fourth week done a whole month!! I can't believe it!!! 
Take care and make sure to email me if you want to join nutrisystem because I can give you $30 off coupon on your first order

Saturday, February 1, 2014

12 pounds in two weeks

Ok update.... I am in the beginning of week three now and I lost 2 lbs last week! I am excited about it but I know it could have been more ..well idk if it could have but I had aunt flow come visit so I'll still take losing 2lbs lol 
I am never hungry I eat all the time and  all the food so far taste amazing I'm really enjoying Nutrisystem so far! I will have another update at the end of week 3!

Take care:) and if you want to join Nutrisystem I can give you $30 off your first order! Sharing is caring people

Thursday, January 23, 2014

holy crap!! I lost 10 pounds in one week!

I know that this is confusing for some especially to who have never been on Nutrisystem of course..and i get that so if you are not interested you dont have to read and if you are interested and dont mind the confusion or want to know more then keep reading! 

 So if you have seen the comercials for NS then you know they are offering a fast five program... 7 days but guaranteed to lose 5 pounds .. so five pounds in one week is fast obviously! therefore fastfive anyways i lost 10lbs as of yesterday and im pretty freak'n excited about it... ok? ok!!! lol today was my first day on the regular plan more calories which is more food and dessert.. and i have to eat all of it.. you would think there would be no problem with that ...but from a 1000 calorie diet for the past 7 days im not used to it and i had to eat so much food i swear .. see for yourself! 

 for breakfast i had the granola cereal but i put it on top of vanilla yogurt instead! it was so good! Very filling!

 then i need to have a SC(smart carb) and a pf (power fuel) for after breakfast between lunch snack so i had a string cheese and some red grapes! at this point i was already feeling so full because i was eating more already then i would on the fast five! 

 for lunch i had the chicken and cheese quesadilla with yes sour cream a whole spoonfull and some mixed veggies on the side 

 for in between lunch and dinner snack i had two pieces of turkey and a orange

 for dinner i had the raveoli and meat sauce with a artichoke that i yes dipped in light mayo 

i also had to have another sc and pf so i had carrots and hummus 

 then dessert was the stuffed apple pie with yes thats whip cream.. i forgot to take a picture of it before i ate it lol as you can see i ate so much today i got up early to space it out and it was still so much but you have to eat everything you cant leave anything behind and as im typing this i forgot my pf for dinner so im going to eat a spoon of penut butter because i really cant take anymore food for tonight lol its seriously crazy how Nutrisystem works and im still at my calorie goal! i would eat wayyyyy less then this but triple the amount in calories at mcdonalds or from our diner anytime before last week.. insane right? all this food for the same amount of calories as a #3 at mcdonalds!!!! well i will update you in six more days how much i lost take care everyone and if you are interested in joining me on the journey please feel free to email me at and i can also give you a coupon for $30 off you first order! bye everyone thanks for reading!

P.s I am on day three now and loving it this is posted late:)

Monday, January 20, 2014

I cheated!

Thats right.... If you have been following me the past couple days you know that I've been on Nutrisystem well I've been on for five days now and I cheated this morning..... 

I promised myself I would only go on the scale once a week and I shouldn't weigh in for another two days but I did... I stepped on it! I cheated and I don't care I lost 6lbs in five days! Not even five days because I just woke up so four and a half days! Yea I know most of its water weight! BUT I don't really care !
I'm happy 6 pounds is off my body whoooohooooo
If you would like to join me on nutrisystem send me a email to or sign up for the nutrisystem website for free!!! Also I can get you $30 off your order!
The amount of support in there is awesome you can do everything for free blog on the site ,chat room,boards read amazing success stories! It's so motivational! 
I am not sponsored by nutrisystem I'm just a normal person who for the past five days has enjoyed the program and freakn love it!!! 
I will come back and let you all know what I lost in two days and then I will do a before picture wahhhh and hopefully soon to come I will have a skninny after picture lol 
I'll probably check in once or twice a week especially when I do the regular plan which I'll be off the fast five in two days can't wait to eat the regular plan!!! Compared to what I'm doing which is still great it won't even look like a diet with everything I have to eat!! I have to eat dessert every night on the regular plan I legit HAVE to! What kind of diet is that right?!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

day 3 and my shipment came in!

yay im so excited to have all of my food!

 this is just a picture of my "dry foods" and my other cat of course lol we have four cats so theres always going to be one of them photo bombing me:) the other box is all frozen foods and i didnt have time to take a picture of it because hubby put it in the walk in freezer at the diner for me. which is in my driveway but its snowing right now so maybe ill update a picture of it later lol im feeling awesome! seriously! day three and this just feels right i cant even believe it! like whats the catch? On the fast five you dont get desserts yet but it seriously has not mattered to me at all i am not hungry or starving to death like i thought i would be! I know that Nutrisystem is going to work for me I dont care how early on in the program I am! I just KNOW its going to work! Im not getting sponsored or paid for this Its just what I think.. the food is awesome its easy and i feel different in just 3 days! so on to the food i had today!

 Breakfast was the banana nut muffin ummmm DELICIOUS! 

 had my shake between breakfast and lunch of course 

 Lunch was the chicken noodle soup which tasted like regular chicken noodle soup lol im a huge soup eater its what i eat maybe 4 to 5 days a week for lunch from the diner because we offer a soup of the day! i added mixed vegies into the soup because you have to add vegies to every meal! it tasted exactly the same probably better actually! 

 then i had another shake but it was not necessary i was full from lunch

 and dinner was my favorite tonight omg! I had the Tuna casserol! omg it was so good seriously i need to order more! i added a whole zuchini 
 today was perfect and i cant wait to weigh myself to see the loss i know i will have when my 7 days is up!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Nutrisystem day 2

So im only going to update a couple more times on my "daily food intake".. i guess you can call it?
 i get my whole shipment of food tomorrow and ill post about that! im so excited lol serioulsy! after i think ill update once a week with a weightloss because im only going to weigh myself once a week! i get supper scale obsessed and i used to go on the scale like 50 times a day! rediculous i know! 

 This morning i didnt eat much because i had no time really so i grabbed a quick apple strudel bar it was really delicious and kept me full! im actually not a "bar" person i could care less about them and i purposely didnt order many with my monthly plan because i knew i wouldnt eat them... but i wasnt hungry this morning really rushing around and i had to eat something! 

 a couple hours later i had the creamy chocolate shake which i really love 

 For lunch i had the rice and beans with turkey sausage and i added in some mixed veggies! it was so good a spicy kick to it! i really enjoyed it.. i dont think i was suppose to have corn this week but what can ya do.. i didnt eat that much corn! I could have had another shake after lunch and before dinner but i had a meeting for the kids so i couldnt but its ok i was full.. and when i keep busy i dont feel hungry that much! 

For dinner i had the chicken pot pie with a cup of mixed veggies i added to eat.. 

this time these didnt have corn lol the chicken pot pie was awesome.. the crust that comes with it is a lot smaller but its just enough.. the pot pie filling was sooooo good.. when i added my veggies to tasted perfect! Also what i failed to mention yesterday in my post was water.. i love water anyways and drink it all the time i barely drink tonic and never drink juice. With Nutrisystem you can have a free app and everything you put on the app automatically goes to your website profile which is pretty cool... and theres a water tracker too.. and you just touch the glasses that you drink. obviously you are supposed to have 8 cups of water a day anyways and for someone that drinks water botthles which would be two glasses.. i drink about 8 anyways so im trying to drink even more!

I know it's only day 2 but I'm loving this! I can't wait for the 7 days to be up to try all the desserts and snacks:) 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 1 of Nutrisystem!

  Alright I know I posted about trying out Nutrisystem and well.... I am! 
I will be recieving a months worth of food on Saturday and I was so focused and OBSESSD that I wanted to start right away!
This is how my brain works people! Once I had Nutrisystem in my crazy head I stayed up all hours of the night watching and reading reviews and courageous and incredible stories on weightloss! I just knew that... yea I could eat kinda healthy until Saturday but not my brain folks I wanted to start and I wanted to that second!
 So I dragged poor hubby to walmart with me and I bought the Nutrisystem sample pack! $45 with $5 coupon on the box so $40 and I also bought the milkshakes sepperatly 

The only thing that's a tad different for me is that with the plan I got it comes with the new "fast five" box which is all over commercials right now which is a box that comes with your month of meals but you start off first with that and Nutrisystem guarantees you will lose 5 pounds the first 7 days! 
I did a lot of reasearch and found out that I could do the fast five myself with the sample pack because the only difference for that magical week is no desserts and a special shake and I plan on using the fast five later on when I hit a plateau? To give me a jump start!

So this week I will have no desserts and drink my shakes :) then when Saturday comes I will get everything and understand about the program more! 

This is what I ate this morning
The chocolate muffin was really good! And because I can have no dessert this week it helped me out with the chocolate:) I had hubs boil me up a egg to go with it and obviously drinking water! 

For lunch I had cheesy noodles with chicken and veggies and added a bunch of green beans! It was seriously good
Which I was not expecting honestly! 

Then after for my snack I had my shake which was also fantastic! The chocolate twice today really helped ease my mind that I was having no dessert after dinner!

And dinner which was my favorite 
It was the Lasagna with meat sauce and I added zucchini and yellow squash!

I know it's only day one but I honestly am in love so far!! You all know that the convienance of the diner we own is probably why I need to lose weight and yea I've tried to take advantage of the healthier things we offer there but I'm so busy with the kids that I take what's fast and easy that's why I think Nutrisystem will work for me because it's FAST!!!

If anyone is interested in joing me or have any questions I'll do my best to answer them follow me on Instagram "thatsSofresh" and if you are interested in the program I can give you $30 off! So just let me know! Also to sign up to get info is free which is what I did days ago and everyone is so sweet and helpful! 

I would love to hear if anyone has done nutrisystem before and has any advice :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New year! 2014 Nutrisystem?!

Things are.... Crazy as usual! Five kids is so much work full time yeesh 

So what does 2014 mean for me? Well my typical resolutions are lose weight lose weight and ummmmm lose more weight?  
So you guessed it! I plan to lose weight! The only thing this year that's different then any other is that I have to lose weight! As many of you know I have lupus and being overweight does not help me at all! And anther thing is that I'm  only 4"10 I'm so short and I'm not really big boned at all....I should weigh around 90-100 lbs well I am so far from that!!!! 

Ideally for me my perfect weight would be 130 it's what I weighed before my first son and I haven't been that in almost 8 years .... So what will I do? I'm thinking about nutrisystem! Have any of you done this or tried it? Any success stories? I would love to hear from you! I've never done Nutrisystem ,Jenny Craig or anything along the lines of meals already prepared but for me nutrisystem is better then Jenny Craig because I don't want to go anywhere hahah I rather do this alone and I can't go anywhere anyways with all these kids! 

So that's it! been so busy have new hair again lol! Duh 
No makeup on don't judge lol I love this color! Not the best lighting but it's like a ruby red magenta? Idk lol we will see how long it lasts! 

Would you be interested on keeping up with the whole nutrisystem thing? I really feel like blogging about it would help me keep on track! I haven't ordered it yet! Trying to research the best "plans" any advice I would greatly appreciate! 
Thanks loves